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SL-35 Mark III Camera

The SL 35 Mark III is the latest rendition of our rugged super lightweight camera. Weighing in at 2.6-kilos, it goes from 1 to 80 fps and is crystal controlled at all speeds. SL 35 Mark II is a specially modified adaptation of the high speed Arri 2C movement, and proprietary electronics. Standard equipment on board consist of a built-in video door and three types of lens mounts for PL, Panavision and Panavision Super 35mm. New added features include an extra 11-pin fisher connector on the back of the camera for optional accessories; moreover, these connectors have been upgraded to 8.5 amp output at 12 volts out. We've also incorporated two 24 volt Lemo connectors to conveniently service the accessory needs on the front of the camera as well. And finally, we also provide a low mode mount that will come in handy for Steadicam Users. Although the SL 35 II has many advantages to the old 2C cameras, it has been designed to interface with existing 2C type accessories such as external speed controls, Arri- or Jurgens-2C doors and, by integrating our lightweight Riser, standard matte boxes and focus iris controls.

Download Brochure : camera.pdf
Download Connector Guide : connector.pdf

Crystal Speed Range:
Extra 50 Hz Speeds:
Reverse Running:
Crystal Accuracy:
Digital Tach:
Digital Footage/Meters:
Accessory Jack:
Acceleration Ramp:
Camera ON/OFF:
Power Requirements:
HMI Speeds:

Power Connector:
Three lens mounts:
6"L x 5.5"H x 6"W
2.4 kg (5.28 lbs)
33.333 and 16.666
All Speeds
Red LED / reset & Memory
One 11 pin Fischer Connector
Linear, Automatic
Stops with mirror in viewing position
Toggle & remote (5 pin Lemo #0)
30 Volt
60 Cycles - All Speeds
50 Cycles - All Speeds
Works with Arri Eyepieces and Jurgens
3 pin #1 Lemo B connector
PL and Panavision (Academy center) and Panavision Super 35